Experience high speed canoe on Cat Ba

Travelling to Cat Ba without trying on thrilling games with high speed canoe is regretful. If you have any doubts or worries about this adventurous yet fun game, please read our advices below to see whether you should take this game once coming to Cat Ba or not.

Recently, Cat Ba has been known for many famous tourist activities. You can go to Cat Ba in any seasons of the year. However, the ideal one should be in summer on months June, July or August because in this period of time, tourists travel to this place a lots and Cat Ba is also in the most beautiful time then.

Going to Cat Ba in the summer, you will have an opportunity to attend so many relaxing and and playing activities. One of them is thrilling game by speed canoe. This kind of game has some related entertainments as belows:

Parachute jumping by high speed canoe

This is a new game which is newly introduced, but there are quite a lot of tourists choosing to experience it. Visitors trying on this game will begin the journey of flying in the air with a canoe pulling along with. Each individuals will be parachuted, then a canoe makes parachute fly. You will be equipped with some protecting objects like buckles on your waist, hips, and being hung on at the height of approximately 50 meters. You will experience the feeling of flying in the sky, taking a view covering a large area. This would be a memorable experience inspiring you after days of study or work nonstop. This kind of activity is extremely suitable for adventurous people.

Floating on water with a canoe pulling

This is also a game that uses high speed canoes brings about strong feelings but not too frightening. Whereas, this game is really interesting to play with close-knit friends. After long afternoon times, lying lazily on the long sandy beach, you can take a new pastime with friends sitting on a float with a pulling canoe at a high speed. This is definitely a experience lifetime, right?

You will be wearing a life jacket and sitting on a banana float boat, which is tied to a canoe with a sharp cable. High speed canoe will pull you away at a speed of 50-80km/h surfing on the sea in cheering and excitement. A worthwhile experience when coming to Cat Ba.

Notes when joining games with high speed canoes

High speed canoes in particular or adventure games in general are risky and challenging. Therefore, players need to pay special attention to safety protection when participating in these games.

You need to be equipped with the safety equipments instructed by the instructor. At the same time, follow instructions and guidance given from specialists or instructors.

Especially, when participating in the adventure under the water, you should choose sunny days, calm waves and no strong waves. This is a very important note because it can seriously affect your safety as well as your experience will get uncompleted.

Be sure to stay healthy when participating in these games. People with a history of heart failure or ill-physical condition should not participate because they may cause unpredictable consequences.

The aboves are several notices about the thrilling games with high-speed canoe in Cat Ba. Once you have a chance to enjoy your time there, please do not hesitate to experience as many as possible with different games. It will be a beautiful period of time that you might not forget. Wish you and your family a meaningful and happy holiday.

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