Experience traveling Cat Ba by boat

You and your family are planning a trip to Cat Ba island in this summer? It is highly recommended that you should select a boat as your primary mean of transport during your journey. Please find our advices as belows to pocket some smart tips on this matter.

Which means to travel to Cat Ba island?

From Hanoi to Cat Ba

If you take a car as your mean of transportation from Hanoi to Cat Ba, you should drive to Hai Phong city. Asking for instruction to go to Dinh Vu wharf, then take a ferry to move to Cat Hai, Cat Ba.

There are a lot of trips from 5 am to 5 pm, 1 trip per hour at Vieng wharf. Another is Got wharf, because its distance between 2 banks is shorter than Vieng wharf’s, the number of trips will be more.

Catching Hoang Long passenger car at Luong Yen bus station to travel to Cat Ba town.

Which mean to travel to Cat Ba from Ha Long?

You can move down to Tuan Chau Island. There will be a ferry from Tuan Chau island, across Ha Long Bay and then to Gia Luan port of Cat Ba island. From here, if you drive a private car, you can go straight ahead to the town. In case you do not have your own car, you can grab a motorbike at the price of 80 thousand dong for each person or pay 500 thousand dong for taking a taxi to move to Cat Ba.

Arriving to Cat Ba, there will be a wide range of ideal places for you to blow some steams off and relax. Taking a boat to travel around this landscape when you plan to go to other islands or bays. Lan Ha Bay is one of the most beautiful and famous bays in Cat Ba. You can rent a boat or ship to travel to these bays and explore the surrounding areas according to package tour or independent travel.

To get to Lan Ha Bay, you can rent a boat during 3-4 hours with the schedule of Beo wharf and Cai Be bay, then visit Ca wharf or Ba Trai Dao island. At that time, you can swim, take a short rest and drink on Monkey island. After that, you can back to Beo wharf. This plan should be within 3-4 hours, which is proper for you to travel comfortably.

If you did take a short break at Monkey Island Resort before, you just need 3 hours more to explore the other destinations like Lan Ha Bay, seafood farming net cage, then you can come back to Monkey island to swim in the first swimming pool, and back to your resort later.

Notes on renting ships and boats in Cat Ba

When renting a boat to Lan Ha Bay, you can choose a package tour to go to many places at the same time or only go some points of interest. The rent below is applicable for vessels of 20-30 seats.

If you go with a group of 15 people, for the purpose of saving money and getting convenient, you should rent a large boat or a boat for half of day at the price ranged from 2.5 to 3 million dong. The schedule will be negotiable or you can require the boatman to take you to the desired destinations within the package. When visiting to the kayak area, let’s try this sailing experience. The price is 50k per boat per couple is really interesting. Although it will not limit the period of time, you will definitely get tired soon within 1-2 hours.

The rental price can be referenced as follows:

Apply for ships or yachts of 20-30 seats:

+ Bathing at Monkey Island beach is 1.5 million/boat/2.5 hours

+ Boat rental to move from Cat Ba to Ha Lan bay + Monkey Island bathing: 1.700.000/boat/3 hours

+ Boat rental to travel from Cat Ba to Van Gia village + Monkey island bath with 4 hours: 2.2 million/ship

+ Boat rental to go from Cat Ba to Lan Ha + pier to Viet Hai village: 2,000,000/boat/4 hours

+ Boat rental from Cat Ba to Long Chau Island: 2,700,000/boat/4 hours

+ Cruise from Cat Ba to Lan Ha Bay will take 3 hours costing 2,000,000/ship.

If you go in group of 3-5 members, you can rent a canoe to go to Monkey Island. At Beo port, there are many small boats of fishermen, serving for rent to the island. The price will be about 200k-300k per boat. When reaching to the island, you can rent a boat to explore the bay, its price is about 50k/2 persons, this price is absolutely reasonable.

If you just can travel very little, but still wanting to explore all the bay, you had better book a kayak tour. Its price is 800k – 1 million for a rowing day. However, a few Vietnameses choose this way because not only rowing is difficult but its price is pretty expensive as well.

Alternatively, if you still like to take a boat to go to Loi Beo wharf, you will be suggested joining a group that has booked a large boat before.

Here are several options for choosing the right vehicle to go to many various attractions on Cat Ba island. You should consider how many your members are to choose the best proper vehicle. Wish you have a meaningful and fun trip.

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