Experience the feeling of “floating” between the ocean with 3S Boating

It would be a pity to go to Cat Ba or Ha Long Bay without an experience with 3S Boating tour. You will be watching the beautiful sceneries of the limestone mountains located right on the middle of the vast ocean, the clear blue water or golden sand beach. You will also discover some wonderful caves with stalactite or experience the living pace of the fishing villages, enjoy fresh seafoods right on the places. All will be fulfilled by services of the 3S Boating.

1. Safety and Quality are the first things 3S Boating care for

3S Boating’s yacht system is based on the most advanced technology today. All yachts use corrosion-resistant zinc in the body of the ship and lightning protection technology, so it is absolutely safe to use in salty water condition and floating in the ocean.

All 3S Boating’s yachts comply with international standards for marine safety, so you can be assured of the peace of mind when using their service.

2. Comfortable and luxury

3S Boating’s yachts are arranged with many restrooms, each of them has spacious cabins with private balconies. Yachts also equipped with separate spas and massaging areas, restaurant, bar and sun terrace for sunbathing and sightseeing.

The yacht space is designed and arranged to help you experience the full luxury life between the ocean.

You can participate in many exciting activities such as kayaking, squid angling at night, visiting Light cave – Dark cave and floating fishing village, massage service … right on the island and in the middle of the sea. Certainly it will be an unforgettable experience.

In addition, meals on yachts with a variety of culinary styles will make you surprise and satisfy. Traditional Vietnamese and European dishes combined with fresh seafood on the spot will not disappoint tourists.

3. Journey to discover beautiful Lan Ha Bay

Located in the southern part of Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay belongs to the Cat Ba archipelago with stunning beauty. Lan Ha Bay has an area of over 7,000 hectares standing out with the natural beauty of about 400 large and dense islands with many interesting shapes. Typically, all the islands of Lan Ha Bay are covered with a fresh green colour of trees.

Lan Ha Bay is considered as the unexploited paradise of Vietnam with charming poetic scenes. An undisturbed beauty with golden sand ripples, pure water from creeks between mountains, the spectacular caves are created to help Lan Ha Bay become a certain place must come to.

It is definitely interesting to get exposed on the yacht and enjoy full sunshine and light wind with the salty scent of the sea, listening to the birds singing, picking fresh air being blown from the ocean? Is it like being on the paradise?

Alternatively, you can also take part in activities such as diving to see corals, kayaking yourself or trying on living in fishing villages on the island. All will be involved in a package tour of 3S Boating.

Getting to Cat Ba without the boat tour of 3S Boating will be a serious shortcoming. With this service, you will enjoy feelings of adventure in this vast ocean, drop your soul with the peace and admire the natural beauty of Lan Ha Bay. For more information, please contact us here!

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