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Prestigious names for boat rental in Cat Ba

It is necessary to plan your process of travel in Cat Ba island in detailed beforehand. There would be a big shortcoming if the tourist miss a visiting to Lan Ha Bay, which is regarded as another Ha Long Bay. Discovering Cat Ba, then rowing a boat to watch in person every corners of Lan Ha Bay is the most wonderful thing. The below information will give you some suggestions on renting a boat in Cat Ba to get an impressive and meaningful trip.

1. Experience in cruising in Cat Ba

Cat Ba is an ideal destination for your family’s summer vacation. Like Ha Long, Cat Ba has many breathtaking views to draw tourists’ attention. crowded Cat Ba town is always hustling and bustling with funny Monkey Island, peaceful Cat Ba National Park with fresh air and especially, marvellous Lan Ha Bay.

It can’t be considered as knowing about Cat Ba without travelling around the bays by boat. After wandering at the national park, you can start a new schedule to visit Lan Ha Bay. Depending on the number of your team members, you will consider to choose the suitable activities.

In case your group has 15 members or more

If you are going to travel there in group, you should rent totally a boat, ship or yacht to discover Lan Ha Bay. The popular price for a half day is 2.5 – 3 million per boat excluding food and beverage charges. In the tour itinerary, you will go round in the bay, visit and bath on the Monkey Island then move to the area for renting a kayak boat.

Alternatively, you can choose a guided kayaking tour that also includes snorkeling diving for one day. The boat will take you to the most beautiful spots in Lan Ha Bay, you can kayak there. Attending snorkeling and having a meal then at the price of 450,000 VND per one.

2. Reputable addresses for boat rental in Cat Ba

Here some useful suggestions for you to find a reliable name for renting a boat. It is strongly recommended that you should do it in places having high ratings, such as 3S Boating.

3S Boating is a professional address which mainly offers package tours, boating and yacht as well as canoe rental service. They will give you detailed advices on which mean or size of mean is suitable for your group. When booking a boat at 3S Boating, you absolutely have your right to decide your boat’s style as you want. 3S Boating assured that they only work with professional tour operators and travel agents. Furthermore, you can also find out more about some others, for instances: Cat Ba Climbing which is also highly appreciated on tripadvisor, Lan Ha Legend Cruise Day Tour or Full Moon Party Tour, …. should be also considered.

In case you go alone or in a small group of 3-5 people, it would be redundant to rent a large boat. For this circumstance, you should only rent a personal canoe of local residences to go to Monkey Island. The cost for this kind of boat is merely 200-300 thousand dong. When reaching the island, you can row your rented boat to explore it. The boat will take you to all spaces of the bay, going to Monkey island to swim, then back to the oldest fishing village of Vietnam – Cai Beo.

If you still want to move by a larger boat, you can also ask to join with other groups that still have more blank seats and share the renting fees then. This is pretty common and almost all people are pleasant to do this.

3. Don’t miss a boating experience chance

Here, you can rent a kayak boat at the price 50k/row for using without time limitation, but you will get tired soon only after 1-2 hours.

Alternatively, you can also book a ticket for kayak tour and climbing mountains of 3S Boating agent. You can buy it right on the harbour, they sell a lot of tickets at the price of $8, including the cost of taking you to the wharf. In addition, you can also grab a motorbike to come to Bai Beo national forest, buy tickets in person.

The above are some suggestions instructing you how to hire a travelling boat on Cat Ba island. Cat Ba has been developing its tourism industry very strong, so you can be able to rent a boat at a reasonable price. The most crucial thing is that when hiring a boat, you should discuss clearly about all agreements on the schedule, time, costs to avoid needless damages.

Wish you a good trip!

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