Experience renting cruise to Cat Ba island

A great holiday with relatives starts with a trip to Cat Ba island. But you are wondering whether which place should be considered to rent a yacht to visit Cat Ba island, and what you have to think about when asking a yacht for lease. The followings will address your question.

It would be definitely a drawback in case you do not discover beautiful Lan Ha.

Being regarded as a princess hidden in the south of Ha Long Bay with thousands of small beautiful islands scattered. The typical thing is that you could able to row a boat to go to some rocky mountains right in the wonderful and charming beach on the bay. There is Van Chai village on this bay, it takes about 45 minutes to move by boat from Cat Ba town. This fishing village has been becoming well-known for more than a hundred of years, with hundreds of households fishing.

When visiting Lan Ha Bay, in case you and your relatives travel in a group of people, you  guys should rent a yacht to visit as many places as possible, which is not only affordable but convenient for you to explore.

There are many options for renting a yacht or boat to discover whole the Lan Ha Bay, either several hours or a full night stay on the bay. Here are some choices for  you to take:

Apply for ships or yachts of 20-30 seats:

+ Go for bathing at the beach on Monkey Island is 1.5 million dong/boat/2.5 hours

+ Boat rental for travelling from Cat Ba to Lan Ha bay along with bathing on Monkey Island: 1.7 million dong/boat/3 hours

+ Boat rental for travelling from Cat Ba to Van Gia village along with bathing on Monkey island within 4 hours: 2.2 million dong/boat

+ Boat rental for travelling from Cat Ba to Lan Ha island and Viet Hai village: 2 million dong/ boat/4 hours

+ Boat rental for travelling from Cat Ba to visit the lighthouse on Long Chau Island: 2.7 million dong/boat/4 hours

+ Boat rental for travelling from Cat Ba to go fishing in Lan Ha Bay: 2 million dong/boat/3 hours.

In addition, you can also be able to bargain to get the best price, going from Cat Ba to Lan Ha Bay with the number of people ranging from 2.5 million to 3.5 million/ship.

Moreover, you can also take a look at the price list for the 3-hour trip to Beo wharf – Fishing village – Turtle island – Van Boi beach – Monkey island – Beo wharf for the following group of guests.

+ Group of 1-20 guests: 1.9 million dong/ship

+ Group of 21-35 guests: 2.200.000 dong/ship

+ Group of 36-48 guests: 2,500,000 dong/ship

The cost does not include the cost of entrance tickets from Lan Ha to Monkey island (30.000/ticket/person)

Choosing a boat and staying right on it at night, on Lan Ha Bay is also a great experience for that visit to Cat Ba, which worth trying on.

You can also refer to some reliable addresses like 3S Boating, Cat Ba Vision, Cat Ba Local, Quang Anh Travel, Trill Tours, etc., to ask for renting a ship. All of them are good brands many domestic and foreign tourists come to hire boats or yachts there. You can also find a ship for lease yourself, but finding support from a service agent will help you bargain a lot of money and save time.

Here are some of the experiences of renting a boat to visit Cat Ba Island that you can refer. Once you have chartered or chartered a boat, it usually applies to the group. If you want to go on a yacht with a few people can think about the option of joining groups of visitors. Wish you have a meaningful and happy holiday with your family and loved ones.

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