Kayaking on Cat Ba Island – an unforgettable experience

Rowing a Kayak boat in Cat Ba Island – a memorable experience

Cat Ba is known as the Pearl of Haiphong city, a well-liked travelling destination for not only local people but also foreigners. Visiting Cat Ba Island, you can have an opportunity to experience a wide range of interesting landscapes as well as activities. However, rowing a Kayak boat on Cat Ba Island to discover whole the original paradise Lan Ha Bay will be an extremely special memory which you will never forget.

1. On the way to Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay is next to HaLong Bay, one of the wonders of the world. It has many wonderful breathtaking views created by the marvelous scene of sky, mountain and bay. It takes normally 30 minutes on boat to travel from the central of Cat Ba Island to Lan Ha Bay.

Once reach the bay, you will be definitely attracted by the dark-green colour of the nature with high limestone mountains, impressive long beach. You could be also able to have a look at the beauty of caves on Hon Doi, Hon Guoc or some other stalactite caves, such as Ham Rong, Do Cung, Hang Ca cave, …

To explore all of the above things, you had better take and row a Kayak boat. It will be the most engaging event you have never had before.

2. Rowing a Kayak boat to explore Lan Ha Bay

On the Lan Ha Bay, you should not miss the exciting Kayak as it will bring you an unforgettable experience. Each kayak will have only 2 seats for 2 people rowing. If you are the first time having a seat on it, you will find them very unbalanced and easy to roll. They will not go in the direction of your control, which causes you feel scared and anxious. However, do not worry because it only takes a while to get used to it, then everything will be fine. As soon as you get used to the paddles, the boat will go in the right direction, so you will find them really wonderful..

Once you have mastered the oars, you could be able to start exploring Lan Ha bay on your own way. Only when propelling a Kayak boat yourself, you might decide your journey. You will be able to admire the beautiful limestone islands and directly manually touch the majestic limestone cliffs. You could also go through the alleyways between the limestone mountains, crawl deep inside the limestone cave to see the sparkling stalactites …

Once get tired, you may stop and take a short rest on any sandy beach of Lan Ha Bay. The golden sand with the pure blue water between the limestone karst are extremely attractive. They are also quiet and clean, which could make you feel eager to jump right down to play with sea water and golden sand.

After resting on the sand, you will continue the journey on Kayak boat to see an abundance of colorful sceneries under the blue water in the sparkling sunshine along with the green of the natural vegetation on the limestone mountains that the Creator has given.

It is truly completely amazing to propel the boat yourself to see in person the lives of fishermen in the surrounding villages … All are arranged in the journey to discover Lan Ha Bay by Kayak.

Rowing a Kayak boat for exploring Lan Ha Bay is a really appealing and attractive must-have experience when coming to Cat Ba. To make this journey the most meaningful, you should choose 3S Boating with the best Kayak boats. You have our assurance that your journey definitely will be safe with the most affordable price. For more further information, please contact us here!

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